Odeur De Sainteté
Natural Perfumes, Paris


"Exposition Subodore"
by Chantal Sanier

From the 28th of august to the 21th of september
at the garden of Palais Royal

Birth of a different fragrance

Odeur De Sainteté came out of the desire to rediscover the magical power of the first perfumes. In a constant search for creativity, freely, an experiment in branding.

To revive this power, we had to turn to raw materials, those used before the advent of synthetic perfumery : roots, resins and ancient balms as the main bases of research. All materials are used in their entirety, preserving without synthetic additives.

We are presented with olfactory compositions that are alive and vibrant, moving, sensitive, flowing and undulating, totally different from synthetic perfumes.

The Parisian compositions

The ‘fragrance workshop’ is in Paris on the banks of the Seine. Like the ancient perfumers between the Pont des Arts and the Pont Neuf, to reinvent the concept of luxury perfumes. Healthy, free, natural, inspired.

Manufacturing of silence. Area Artemon

The DNA of Odeur De Sainteté is deeply inscribed in nature. Under the guidance of a Mediterranean pharmeceutical company, the compositions are elaborated in the middle of 600 acres of a preserved Languedoc landscape.
There, between kermes and pistachio lentiscus, rosemary and cistus, dolmens and white stones of matorral, under rough skies, the fragrances are created, day by days. As wild, secular prayers, they call upon the wind : silent, almost in reverence.


The idea is to give Odeur De Sainteté an image that evokes spirituality and culinary art : elixir of life and magic potion.

The perfume should not be exposed to light. It is protected by brown glass used for highly technical medical preparations.

This collection is dressed with « robes de bure ». Around the neck of the flacon you can find « le pain des anges »

the 9 perfumes

No materials of synthetic origin. Composed around absolute, essential oils and organic alcohol, to be consumed differently, taking the time to ‘breathe’ them, ‘feel’ them, try them and wait... Often one drop is enough to bring more intensity to the present moment.

Developped with enthusiasm and respect for natural materials, the perfume extract does not contain synthetic chemical additives. The approach is similar to that of oenology. Like fine wine, this composition needs time, it will react and move over its maturity. It will be in osmosis into with you and will lighten your every mood.

Sainte Nitouche

Concealed, imbued with cumin and hibiscus with bare hands, skin against skin. Perfectly disconcerting, it changes something. Tears benzoin, woods and spices.

l’Amante Religieuse

Preying, Praying Mintus. Haughty, rustling herbs and green delights that make you shudder. Gentle touches of basil tickle the arm. Roots, mints and other spices.

l’Amer Supérieur

Bitter almond is more than bitter, more lover than mother. Her sandalwood robe veils a quiet, soft roe, mysterious and smooth. At times, absent. Absolute flowers and almonds.


Fell from heaven. Design around a small sugar core, fleshy, stuffed with jasmine, joyous. Fleeting. Neroli, jasmine, incense and spices.

l’Enfant de Coeur

He arrives breathless, without warning. And then we quickly understand his pain. The incense assails, the myrrh torments. We want more. Yes, yes. Myrrh and lavender wood.

l’Homme Quantique

Built like a cedar of the Atlas. He knocks into you, freshly, coldly, to give you energy. Then its roots lull you, letting you float. Listen to its song. Wood, spices and flowers.

l’État de Grâce

It is pale pink and quivering. Young, light, sweet and complex. Its wood is light, its petals sweet benzoin rejuvenating in a smile. It is welcome, only passing through. Geraniums of all colors.

Marie Madeleine

With her boxes and ointments, she practiced one of the oldest professions. A seductress making eyes at us in sublime patchouli and but ending up as a saint. Carnation, patchouli, lemon grass.

l’Eau Culte

A walk through the Garden of Hesperides where everything is as it once was. You are Hercules or nymphs. All the apples, all the fruits are in gold. Citrus and rosemary.

Where to find our perfumes

At our pop-up store at the ‘Palais Royal’ in Paris
until December 31st of 2016.


At Astier de Villatte
173 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris
16 rue de Tournon, 75006 Paris


And soon online.

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